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17/02/2007 | Events

Contest “The Invention of year”

The active creative and inventive spirits have always been in the foreground of the struggle for the novelty and for the affirmation of any ideal. Nowadays, it is the most necessary quality of our society when we need to recover the economic and productive climate, to reaffirm the real values of... Read more
12/02/2007 | Events

Seminar-training "Licensing and protection of the computer programs"

On February 13-14, 2007 at 9.30 in AGEPI will start the seminar-training "Licensing and protection of the computer programs". The organizers of the seminar are the State Agency on Intellectual Property in the partnership with the "Microsoft" Company in Moldova and Business Software Alliance (BSA),... Read more
01/02/2007 | Events

This announced registration at the IP courses

AGEPI invites the interested persons to register in order to enter the courses of the counselors in intellectual property (the teaching is carried out in Romanian or Russian). The term of study – 11 weeks. The lections will hold on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The teaching take place on the basis... Read more
01/02/2007 | Events

The X-th International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT”

In the period of June 27-30, 2007 in the ISE “Moldexpo” will take place the X-th International Specialized Exhibition «INFOINVENT- 2007».The organizers of the exhibition are the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI), the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and... Read more
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