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United States Trade Representative’s Office Delegation on a Documentation Visit to AGEPI


The documentation visit of the United States Trade Representative’s Office (USTR) delegation, headed by Dan Mullaney, Assistant for Europe and the Middle East of the US Trade Representative, took place on October 28, at the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI).

During the meeting, the USTR delegation was familiarized with the latest developments in the field of intellectual property in the Republic of Moldova, the discussions focusing in particular on the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) and the role of the Agency on this dimension.

The US delegation was also informed about the legislation and the mechanism of IPR enforcement in the Republic of Moldova, the competences of the Intellectual Property Office and the intellectual property rights enforcement bodies, as well as the cooperation relations between these actors in order to combat the phenomenon of counterfeiting and piracy in the Republic of Moldova.

A special topic of discussion was the protection of intellectual property rights at the border. Present at the meeting, the Customs Service representative provided information regarding the implementation of the IPR border enforcement mechanism, including updated statistical data on the applications for action managed by the Customs Service, as well as the detentions of goods susceptible of being counterfeit.

Finally, the parties present at the meeting reiterated the interest in maintaining and strengthening the cooperation relations on the intellectual property segment, emphasizing its importance in the economic and technological development of both countries.

We should mention that the USTR representatives’ visit is part of the bilateral meetings program of the US delegation participating on October 29 in the Moldovan-American Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation.