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Service “Online Submission of IPO Applications” can also be submitted through the portal


Beginning with February 25, 2013, applications for registration of intellectual property objects (IPO) and related documents may also be submitted in electronic format, using the electronic signature, through the portal, in the section Registration and Issuance of Titles of Protection for Intellectual Property Objects.

Submission in electronic format of IPO applications and related documents, using the electronic signature, provides the possibility to use modern, rapid and efficient technologies that enable automation of the procedure for their preparation, completion, control and submission for obtaining the protection of IPO.

For registration in the system is needed to create a new user account and to open the new user profile, and then will be filled in the fields in the user profile and followed the user account activation instructions.

Upon registration in the system, User accepts the requirements stated in the Agreement for Use of the Service “Online Submission of IPO Applications”, governing the relations between AGEPI and Service User.

Fr om the moment of authentication in the system the applicant has access to the Personal Desktop (PD) and the Help menu, wh ere can be accessed the “User’s Guide” and the “Guide to the Completion of IPO Applications”.

The date and time of receipt of the applications and related documents by AGEPI are considered those registered by the AGEPI server. Acceptance of submitted applications is made nonstop (24/24 hours, 7/7 days).

Online payment of fees may be made under the working program of the Agency: Monday-Friday, from 8.00 to 16.30 or the next working day, if the reception is outside the above mentioned intervals. In a short time this service will also be accessible nonstop (24/24 hours, 7/7 days).

The advantages offered by the new service include the exclusion of the necessity applicants’ and patent attorneys’ to travel to AGEPI for submission of applications (documents); reduction of financial costs and time required for correspondence with AGEPI by mail.

Implementation of the service for online submission of IPO protection applications and related documents will determine the transition to the next IT development level similar to that in other European intellectual property offices.

Till now, the portal was accessed by 191 visitors, 140 of them being unique.

We should note that on 12 March this year, through the Service “Online Submission of IPO Applications” were created 31 applications for registration of intellectual property objects, of which 13 have already been successfully submitted.