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Roundtable “Protection of Copyright in the Context of New Challenges of Book Fund Digitization by Libraries”


On 3 September this year, AGEPI organized inside the National Library of Moldova, within the framework of the International Book Fair, Round Table “Protection of Copyright in the Context of New Challenges of Book Fund Digitization by Libraries”.

The event was attended by representatives of the university libraries that addressed issues of book fund digitization of libraries in the Republic of Moldova, under the National Program of Culture Sphere Informatization for 2012-2020, approved by Government Decision no. 478 of 04.07.2012.

One of the main objectives set out in this Program provides for the digitization of book fund of public libraries. As stated, transposition of the book fund on digital medium offers the advantage of facilitating public access to information and using online resources in education.

Sergiu Rotaru, senior lawyer in the Copyright and Related Rights Department, AGEPI, mentioned in his report entitled “Protection of Copyright in the Context of New Challenges of Book Fund Digitization by Libraries” that “in the book fund digitization process, it should be noted the possibility to include these actions into the system of rights protection, especially copyright, since any work liable to editing is the result of the creative activity of a natural person - the author. Thus, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 139 of 02.07.2010 on Copyright and Related Rights, An author or other holder of copyright shall enjoy the exclusive right to perform, to authorize or prohibit the exploitation of the work by interactively making available the work to the public”. So, to transpose on digital medium a work it is necessary to obtain the consent of the author or right holder, fixation in electronic form of works for archival purposes by libraries, without obtaining an economic or commercial advantage, being possible only for works entered in the public domain, after the expiration of the term of protection.

Further, a report on “Mass Digitization of Book Collections” was presented by Maria Harjevschi, vice president of RM Association of Librarians, director of Public Library of Law from Chisinau, who specified that the Program approved by the Government provides also the digitization in the rate of 75%, until 2020, of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, creation of public services that would guarantee access to cultural values. In this context, only 3.4% of libraries have a website, and the difference between the level of computerization of libraries in rural and urban areas, however, is quite large and are sought additional sources for the implementation of this project.

In the context of round table there followed an exchange of views regarding the identification of measures that will boost library fund digitization activities to facilitate access to information for all users.

At the end of the event, Rodica Crijanovschi, Chief of Library and Archival Collection Division, AEPI, presented the publication “Collection of Legislative Acts in the Field of Copyright and Related Rights”, published by AGEPI, which will be offered as a donation to university, municipal and specialized libraries in the context of celebrating the twentieth anniversary of AGEPI foundation.

2012 edition of the International Book Fair was held from August 31 to September 4, being devoted to the 180th anniversary of the foundation of the National Library of the Republic of Moldova and Year Ion and Doina Aldea-Teodorovici. The Fair Program, in addition to the actual book exhibition, included issues of periodicals and books of writers from the Republic of Moldova and Romania, exhibition-events, workshops, etc. By the stand of publications are organized book sales.

We should note that AGEPI participates for several years running in this book fair, presenting every time stands with the most important editorials on paper and electronic carrier, which the Agency publishes and makes available to the public at the AGEPI Library.

(AGEPI Press Service)