Regional Conference on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights


During the period September 7-8, the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), conducts the Regional Conference on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights. The event is organized in the context of the 25th anniversary of the foundation of AGEPI and the national intellectual property system.

The Regional Conference gathers together representatives of public authorities with duties in the field of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights from almost 20 countries, of the collective management organizations (CMOs), holders of copyright and related rights, as well as senior officials of international and regional specialized organizations.

At the opening of the event, AGEPI Director General Lilia Bolocan mentioned that AGEPI, as a national intellectual property office, insists on the protection and observance of copyright and holders of related rights, who, according to the legal provisions, must benefit from the results of their creative work as a result of their utilization. “We plead for the right holders, regardless of the CMO that they represent, to enjoy their legitimate rights to a fair remuneration for each case and way of use of their works,” added Lilia Bolocan.

Present at the opening of the Regional Conference, the Minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari underlined the following: “This event is an opportunity to express freely our opinions, problems and solutions so as to build the field of copyright and related rights in the Republic of Moldova. Collective management plays an important role in developing a global infrastructure for authors and creative industries around the world.”

In turn, Giovanni Napolitano, Interim Director, Directorate for SMEs and Entrepreneurship Assistance, WIPO Development and Transition Countries Department, emphasized that: “Institutional cooperation is extremely important in developing and effectively implementing the legislation in the field of copyright and related rights. This seminar is a unique opportunity to discuss issues related to collective management of copyright.”

The event continued with a series of reports and discussions on the political, legal and structural aspects of collective management: the international and European legal framework; the legal and organizational issues of collective management, in particular the setting of tariffs, the authorization and collection of remuneration. At the same time, the conference participants also raised the current and emerging issues in the field of collective management, such as private copying in the digital domain; user obligations; the role of public authorities, etc.

During the second day of the Conference, discussions will be held on the new Draft Law on Collective Management in the Republic of Moldova. There will also be a round table entitled “Collective Management in the Region. Practical Aspects, Solutions, Best Practices”.

The Regional Conference on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights will be followed by a festive session dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the foundation of AGEPI, which will take place on September 8 this year, at the Palace of the Republic.