Reflection of the results of the scientific researches in mass-media of the Republic of Moldova


The Independent Center of Journalism (CIJ) and the National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO organized on current November 22 the round table “Technologies and scientific innovations of the XXI century. Perspectives of reflection of the scientific results in mass-media of the Republic of Moldova”.

To the meeting there were invited Mrs. Ion Tighineanu, correspondent member , vice-president of ASM, Veaceslav Afanasiev, director of the Agency on Innovation and technologic Transfer, Dorian Chirosca, director general of the State Agency on Intellectual Property, Mrs. Luminita Drumea, expert on the science, National Commission of the Republic of Moldova for UNESCO, representatives of mass-media.

Mrs. Tatiana Rotaru, head of the press service of ASM spoke about the activity connected with the mediation of the scientific researches, on the matters of the press service, and Mr. Ion Tighineanu expressed on the cooperation of the scientific institutions with mass media. Mr. Veaceslav Afanasiev expressed on the current and perspective scientific projects, offering to the journalists the extended horizons of the investigations and appealed to write clear and explicit, in order to make a contribution in the popularization of the science and the priority domains of scientific results utilization. Mr. Dorian Chirosca represented the communication “Information in the field of intellectual property. Cooperation of AGEPI with the mass media” wherein he expressed on the role of the mass media in the promotion of the intellectual product, formation of the economy on the basis of inventions and innovations use.

It was organized a training for the journalists tackling the scientific subjects.