Press Release. World Intellectual Property Day - April 26, 2013. “Creativity - The Next Generation”


Every year on April 26, the member states of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, thus highlighting the role of intellectual property in economic, cultural and social development of all countries of the world. The celebration is marked since 2000, and April 26 is the day on which the Convention Establishing the WIPO (1970) came into force. The main title proclaimed by WIPO for 2013 is: “Creativity - The Next Generation”.

In the WIPO press release, on this occasion, is stressed the following: "Mankind has increasingly put the question -How the world will look tomorrow? We know, for example, that cars will soon drive themselves. That our sight and speech – eventually our brains – will interact more directly with, and effectively control, our computers. Which will in turn become much smaller and be worn on – or inside – our bodies. This will all have a profound effect on how we live – how we think, how we work, how we learn, heal, enjoy. What used to be science fiction is now fact. But what’s next? What is the future beyond the future? What disruptive technology is now just an idea bouncing around a young engineer's mind? Who will create the next online sensation that again changes how we talk to each other? What new music will emerge from a garage somewhere to rock the world's dance floors or unnerve the academy? Who are tomorrow's great artists and innovators? To these and other questions can only respond the next generation. Thus, the World Intellectual Property Day this year comes with a desire to encourage the younger generation to create, design new, original and useful ideas, imagine the future of the civilization and continuously strengthen universal solidarity in the field of creation, both of technical and artistic nature.

On this occasion, in most countries, including Moldova, are organized various activities to highlight the potential and importance of intellectual property in society. For AGEPI, World Intellectual Property Day is an opportunity to take stock of those obtained by the effort applied by the whole team during one year of activity. Thus, AGEPI carries out an extensive program of activities, among which:

  • Organization during the months of March-April of thematic seminars for familiarization of specialists and managers in enterprises and ministries, professors, trainers for a doctoral degree and students from higher education and vocational education institutions of the republic with the national and international intellectual property protection system, among which: State University of Moldova (Faculty of Economics), Cooperative Trade University of Moldova, Library of SUMP "N. Testemitanu", Technical University of Moldova, Cooperative Trade College, College of Finance and Banking;
  • Organization on April 15, in the conference hall of AGEPI, of a practical training seminar entitled "Information Patent Sources. Ways of Free Access of Patent Documents", organized by AGEPI experts to familiarize inventors, specialists trained in the scientific research and innovation process;
  • Organization on 18-19 April this year of a seminar on the protection of intellectual property rights and anti-counterfeiting, to be attended by international experts in IP. Seminar in question will be organized with AGEPI, on the initiative of Anti-Counterfeiting Association REACT International, represented by REACT Romania and Civil Lawyers Society TURCU & TURCU in cooperation with AGEPI;
  • Participation in a book fair within the framework of "Bibliologic Year -2012" organized by the National Association of Librarians and summing up of the Republican Contest "Public Library - Partner in Promoting Intellectual Property", Fourth Edition;
  • The program of events dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day falls also includes the solemn meeting dedicated to the World Book and Copyright Day (marked on the initiative of UNESCO, on 23 April). Manifestation in question will be organized by the National Association of Librarians under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture. In the festive meeting, AGEPI representatives will award prizes to winners of the Republican Contest "Public Library - Partner in Promoting Intellectual Property ".

On the agenda of manifestations conducted on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day is also the International Symposium "AGEPI Readings", fifteenth edition, which will be held from 24 to 25 April. The symposium will be attended by researchers and experts in the field of protection of intellectual property in the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Belarus, trained in legal protection and implementation of innovations, patent attorneys and counselors in IP, inventors, professors and students from higher education and secondary education institutions of the republic.

Another far-reaching event organized jointly with the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (AESM) and with the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), is the Student Seminar focused on IP rights protection and enforcement issues. The event will take place within the framework of the scientific symposium of young researchers of AESM, which will take place on 25-26 April this year in the Conference Hall of AESM.

Another important aspect of AGEPI activity is the support given to inventors from the country to participate in the most prestigious international exhibitions, organized during this period, thus giving them the opportunity to promote their new technical solutions, products and materials on the external market. Thus, in the current year as well in the period from March to May Moldovan inventors participate in:

  • International Exhibition of Inventiveness "Pro-Invent", in Cluj Napoca, Romania (19-22 March);
  • International Salon of Industrial Property "Archimedes", Moscow, Russian Federation (2-5 April);
  • International Salon of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland (10-14 April);
  • European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation "EuroInvent", Iasi, Romania (9-11 May)

Also, during that period, AGEPI participates with marketing activities and free consultation in the IP field in the specialized international exhibitions, organized at IEC "Moldexpo": MOLDAGROTECH; MondConstruct & MoldEnergyY, Tourism, Leasure, Hotels.

On April 26, starting at 15:00, in the conference hall of AGEPI will take place the Festive Meeting dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day to which were invited to participate representatives of public authorities, researchers and inventors, specialists in intellectual property. In this event will take place the awarding of the most active patent attorney in industrial property of the year. There will also be presented the distinctions obtained by Moldovan inventors at the international salons of inventions (Geneva, Moscow, Cluj).

AGEPI Management hopes that these actions will be able to raise public awareness on the importance and growing role of intellectual property in economic, social and cultural development of the country, and to pay justified homage to creativity and inventive spirit at national and international level.

Republic of Moldova is a member of the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 1991. As the official representative of the Republic of Moldova internationally in the field of intellectual property, AGEPI actively cooperates with WIPO since 1992, from its foundation. Over the years the Agency provided assistance for ratification or accession of the Republic of Moldova to 23 conventions administered by WIPO, being at the same time the national body responsible for meeting the state commitments arising from its membership in these conventions.

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