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Press-release: World Intellectual Property Day-2011 “Designing the Future”


Every year, on April 26, Member-States of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, which year after year becomes an increasingly popular event. The celebration is marked since 2000, and April 26 is the day when the Convention Establishing the WIPO (1970) entered into force. The initiative belonged to China, and General Assembly of WIPO Member States unanimously accepted this proposal.

The activities undertaken by WIPO and national IP offices on the eve of this day have a common purpose all over the world: to appreciate human creativity, to further encourage human capacity to dream, to conceive new, useful and original ideas, to invent the future and, primarily, more and more strengthen universal solidarity in the field of technical or artistic creation.

This year’s World Intellectual Property Day celebrates the role of design in the market-place, in society and in shaping the innovations of the future. The main title proclaimed by WIPO for 2011 is “Designing the Future”. In the message addressed by Francis GURRY, WIPO Director General, on the occasion of the celebration is emphasized: “Design touches every aspect of human creativity. It shapes the things we appreciate from traditional crafts to consumer electronics; from buildings and bicycles to fashion and furniture. Design has been called “intelligence made visible”.

In the Republic of Moldova World Intellectual Property Day is also celebrated by various activities designed to emphasize the potential of intellectual property and its role in the development of our country. In this respect, we should mention the traditional organization of practical-scientific, methodical-information and training seminars for specialists and managers in enterprises, as well as for professors and students in secondary vocational and higher education institutions of the republic with the national and international intellectual property protection system. Personnel training and improving in the field of intellectual property are topical concerns of AGEPI, which have materialized in February-April with seminars and symposiums held at the three institutions of higher education: State University of Moldova, Academy of Economic Studies, and Free International University. We should mention here the seminar “Protection of Intellectual Property and Its Influence on the Economic Development of the Republic of Moldova”, organized on 18 April at the request of the Faculty of General Economy and Law of the AESM for second- and third-year students, future specialists in intellectual property management field.

Among the same series of actions also range the participation of AGEPI specialists with various communications on the role of IP in the economic development of entrepreneurs in the Exhibition “Expo-Cearir-Lunga” and Business Incubator in Soroca. The meeting with businessmen from Soroca continued with the conduct of an intellectual property prediagnosis requested by the residents of Incubator from this village.

On the agenda of events held on the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day is enrolled the Practical-Scientific Symposium “AGEPI Readings-2011”, the thirteenth edition. The symposium will be held on April 19-20, with the following topics: Current issues of the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights on intellectual property objects. The works of the symposium will be attended by researchers and practitioners, specialists in intellectual property protection field from the Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation and Romania, involved in the creation, legal protection and implementation of innovations, promotion of new products, combating counterfeiting and piracy, etc.

Before opening the nominated Symposium, a press conference dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day will be held with the AGEPI, during which journalists will have the opportunity to address the hottest topics related to the creation, protection and exploitation of IP objects.

In the context of the events is also enrolled the World Book and Copyright Day, marked at the initiative of UNESCO on 23 April. Events dedicated to the book, writers, publishers, booksellers, librarians, copyright will be organized this day in the Republic of Moldova in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and National Library.

In the context of recent entry into force of Law 139/2010 on Copyright and Related Rights, on 19 April AGEPI will organize, in collaboration with the Library of the “A. Russo” State University from Balti, the seminar “Recent Changes in IP Legislation on the Republic of Moldova”, dedicated to librarians from the north area of the country. It should be mentioned the fact that AGEPI Library systematically organizes book exhibitions inside the university libraries in Chisinau and the territory.

Another important aspect of AGEPI activity is the support offered to inventors of the republic to attend the most prestigious international exhibitions organized during this period, giving them the opportunity to promote their new technical solutions, products and materials on the foreign market. Moldovan inventors participate in the period of March-May in the following exhibitions:

  • International Exhibition of Inventiveness “Pro-Invent”, in Cluj Napoca, Romania (March 22 to 25);
  • International Exhibition of Industrial Property “Archimedes”, Moscow, Russian Federation (5-8 April);
  • International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland (6-10 April);
  • European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation “EuroInvent”, Iasi, Romania (12-14 May).

On 26 April, together with the Ministry of Culture, AGEPI will organize a Festive Meeting dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day, to which are invited representatives of central public authorities, of the diplomatic corps accredited in Chisinau, researchers and inventors, specialists in the field of intellectual property. In the event, the most active patent attorneys in industrial property will be invested with AGEPI awards.

In the same context of events aiming at informing and training of the intellectual property field, we should mention the participation of AGEPI specialists with various marketing activities and consultancy in the specialized international exhibitions organized at the IEC “Moldexpo”: “Beauty”; “MoldConstruct&MoldEnergy”; “Moldagrotech”; “Tourism, Leasure, Hotels”.

A series of radio and TV broadcasts will also be organized on the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day, in which AGEPI specialists and their guests will take the debating of the most important intellectual property protection aspects in our country.

As mentioned, all these actions pursue the aim to raise public awareness of the importance and growing role of intellectual property in economic, social and cultural development of the country and to pay tribute to the creativity and inventive spirit at national and international level.

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