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Online Seminar: Turning Patent Data into Business Intelligence


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) invites all interested persons to participate in an online seminar entitled “Turning Patent Data into Business Intelligence”, which will take place on June 30, this year, within the KnowING IPR project.

The event will be organized in English on the ZOOM platform. Those interested can register at the following address:

The seminar takes place within the project Fostering Innovation in the Danube Region through Knowledge Engineering and IPR Management (KnowING IPR) and aims to inform and promote intellectual property, especially regarding the usefulness of patent information and the KnowING IPR Hub platform, respectively, developed within the project for academic circles, the R&D sector and the business environment.

The agenda of the event covers a series of presentations focused on its theme, including a KnowING IPR Hub platform practical testing session. More details, including the event agenda are available on the project website at:

The KnowING IPR project aims to facilitate innovation in the Danube region by developing a transnational open access platform - KnowING Hub - which will provide the necessary tools to analyze and determine the state of the art in a particular field, track the progress of emerging technologies, identify solutions to various problems providing free access to millions of patent documents around the world and also to an impressive number of publications in various technical fields.

The KnowING IPR project, implemented under the Danube Transnational Programme, is formed of a regional consortium comprising partners from the following countries: Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic Moldova, and Ukraine).

More details on the project objectives, as well as the activities implemented within it are available on the official project website: and on the Facebook page: