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Meeting of the National Commission on Intellectual Property


On 12 May this year at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova was held the meeting of the National Commission on Intellectual Property (NCIP), in which was adopted the structure of the new National Intellectual Property Strategy for the years 2011-2015, which will be adopted in the Republic of Moldova by the end of this year.

“The new National Intellectual Property Strategy should contribute to the development of innovation entrepreneurship. Namely, it can provide access to international markets for our unique products, able to occupy new segments in these markets”, said Mr. Valeriu Lazar, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, in the NCIP meeting.

At the meeting chaired by Mr. V. Lazar, who is also President of NCIP, was convened the following nominal composition thereof, as follows: I. TIGANAS, Deputy Director General AGEPI, N. Buga, Director of the Copyright and Related Rights Department, AGEPI, secretary of the Commission, I. Guceac, Scientific Secretary General of the ASM, P. Sincariuc, Head of Information Technology Policy Directorate, Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, V. Melnik, Deputy Head of Legal Acts Approval Directorate, Ministry of Justice, E. Paladi, consultant, Control and Customs Destinations Directorate, Customs Service, Iu. Cater, Head of Cybernetic, Computer and Transnational Crime Prevention and Combating Division, MIA, V. Verebceanu, Director, Corruption Prevention General Directorate, CCECC, V. Chiurcciu, Vice-President of the Executive Committee, Head of Economic Development General Directorate, ATU Gagauzia.

In accordance with the NCIP Regulations and work meeting agenda, it was also decided that AGEPI will initiate the amendment of Law no. 139/2010 on Copyright and Related Rights, with the preliminary consultation of all interested parties, and will complete its work of drafting the subsidiary normative acts of Law no. 139/2010. In terms of Regulations on Minimum Rates of Royalties, the working group under the Ministry of Economy will consider the opportunity of state involvement in regulating the minimum rates in the field of collective administration. Also, AGEPI will initiate the organization of several roundtables within the creative unions related to the new provisions of the legislation on copyright and related rights. The Agency will work with CCA, with the view of concluding a Joint Action Plan in order the copyright and related rights be respected by broadcasters.

In the same meeting was analyzed the possibility of updating the composition of the National Commission on Intellectual Property, as well as changing its Regulations to establish an effective mechanism of implementation of NCIP decisions.

The National Commission on Intellectual Property is an advisory body established by Government Decision no. 489 of 29.03.2008 in order to coordinate and ensure the interaction of ministries, other central administrative authorities, and intellectual property rights holders in activities aimed at developing and strengthening the national intellectual property system, fighting and preventing infringements of intellectual property rights and fight counterfeiting, import and marketing in the Republic of Moldova of counterfeit products.