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Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day-2011


It has become a good tradition that at the end of June a beautiful and significant professional holiday be marked in our country - Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day, established by the Presidential Decree no. 193 of 19.06.1995 of the Republic of Moldova.

This year as well, the event in question is organized by the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) and the Union of Inventors and Rationalizers “Inovatorul” (UIR). On this occasion, on 24 June, at 13.00, inside the National Confederation of Trade Unions will be held a festive meeting, to which were invited representatives of the central public authorities, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Supreme Council for Science and Technological Development, National Council for Accreditation and Attestation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry , researchers, inventors and rationalizers, representatives of higher education institutions, patent attorneys, known personalities in the field of research-innovation and entrepreneurship, who will draw the traditional balance-sheet of results in the innovation field.

Within the framework of the festive meeting will be organized an exhibition with the most relevant informative materials in the IP protection and promotion field, published under the aegis of AGEPI.

Also, AGEPI will pay homage to winners of the Contest “Invention of the Year-2010”, organized annually in order to popularize, promote and stimulate the innovation activity in the Republic of Moldova. The current edition was attended by the authors of protected inventions, in force in the Republic of Moldova, obtained in the last three years, with a real impact on national economic development. Following the examination of files submitted in the contest, the Organizing Committee has designated the following winners of the Contest:

a) in the nomination “Invention of the Year-2010”: Ion Habasescu Victor Schibitchi, Boris Chicu, Boris Zadorojnii - for the invention “Spray boom”, patent no. 3550;

b) in the nomination “Invention of the Year-2010 Created by a Young Inventor”: Iana Zubrilina - for the invention “Process for preparing activated building mixes on base of mineral binder”, patent no. 3318;

c) awards and diplomas: Svetlana Popel, Elena Draganova, Lidia Parsacova, Lidia Demcenco, Dmitrii Draganov - for the invention “Process for producing wheat and rye bread”, patent no. nr.3551; Elena Molodoi - for the invention “Strain of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis yeast - source of sterols”, patent no. 3538; Nicolae Donica - for the invention “Process for pruning of sweet cherry, sour cherry and apricot fruit trees”, short-term patent no. 178.

This year was also launched the Republican Contest “The Best Rationalizer of the Year from the Republic of Moldova”, organized by the UIR “Inovatorul”, AGEPI and National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova. The contest has two nominations: “The Best Rationalizer of the Year” and " The Best Young Rationalizer of the Year”. In the contest took part innovators concerned with the rationalization activity, who have brought a substantial contribution to the development of economy and the scientific and technical progress in the country, economic or other nature. The totals of the first edition of the contest will be made within the framework of the festive meeting dedicated to the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day.

It should be noted that in the period 1993-2010 AGEPI received 5862 patent applications for inventions (5420 PI applications and 402 STPI applications), of which 5165 (88%) came from national applicants, and 697 ( 12%) - from foreign applicants.

In 2010, the most active universities in patenting inventions were: SUM - 47 filed applications, 41 issued patents; SUMP “N. Testemitanu” - 23 applications, 10 patents; TUM - 21 applications, 19 patents; SAUM - 3 applications.

From the ASM were highlighted: Institute of Applied Physics - 22 filed applications, 22 issued patents; Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology - 16 applications, 13 patents; Institute of Energy - 10 applications, 7 patents; Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies - 10 applications, 12 patents; Institute of Chemistry - 9 applications, 10 patents; Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology - 6 applications, 10 patents; Institute of Zoology - 4 applications, 7 patents; Institute of Physiology and Sanocreatology - 6 applications , 4 patents.

From the agro-industrial field most active were: Institute of Horticulture and Food Technologies - 17 filed applications, 16 issued patents; Institute of Agricultural Engineering “Mecagro” - 12 applications, 4 patents; Institute of Biotechnologies in Zootechny and Veterinary Medicine - 3 applications, 1 patent; Institute of Pedology, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection “N. Dimo” - 1 application, 3 patents.

From the Ministry of Health have distinguished themselves: Scientific-Research Institute of Mother and Child Health Care - 3 patents; National Scientific-Practical Center of Preventive Medicine - 2 applications, 2 patents; Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery - 3 patents.

On 1 January 2011, 5349 patents were valid in the Republic of Moldova, of which 4187 Eurasian patents (78.3%).

It should be mentioned that in the period January to May 2011 145 patent applications were filed with AGEPI. Most applications were filed under the national procedure. During the period under review were issued 94 titles of protection for inventions.

Along with the protection of inventions in the Republic of Moldova, in January-May this year national applicants submitted, through AGEPI as receiving office, four patent applications abroad, by regional way, that is under the Eurasian Convention.

In the period under review, 15 variety patent applications were filed with AGEPI and issued seven patents.

From year to year, the Moldovan inventors more convincingly confirm our status of inventive nation, winning multiple national and international awards. During the months of March-May 2011 AGEPI promoted and encouraged the innovation activity of the Republic of Moldova, ensuring the participation of national inventors in the International Exhibition of Inventiveness “Pro-Invent”, in Cluj Napoca, International Exhibition of Industrial Property “Archimedes”, Moscow, International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation “Euroinvent”, Iasi. Works presented by Moldovan inventors have been appreciated with about 45 gold medals, 29 - silver and 10 - bronze.

To inform the public and support the inventors’ and rationalizers’ activity, AGEPI regularly elaborates and disseminates information on patent activity, exhibition achievements of inventors from the Republic of Moldova, organizes intellectual property promotion activities, various seminars, courses, competitions and consultations for representatives of the entrepreneurial sphere, including SMEs.

Celebration of the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day is a good opportunity for the balance-sheet of these technical creativity promotion and stimulation activities.

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