Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day


Dear researchers, inventors and rationalizers!

On the occasion of Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day, traditionally marked on the last Saturday of June, we address you sincere and cordial greetings accompanied by wishes for health and creative energy.

For State Agency on Intellectual Property the field of development, promotion and protection of intellectual product is traditional. We appreciate and effectively support your technical and technological elaborations that are geared toward improving and using material goods produced by enterprises, streamlining the work of scientific institutions of culture, education, health care, etc. Your inventions and rationalization proposals are appreciated first of all for their economic effect, without being neglected, however, the social, ecological, informational impact and other effects which have a beneficial influence on our life quality and national economy in general.

We are confident that your efforts will fructify with new prestigious results and that you will further help to promote the positive image of the Republic of Moldova on the international stage in exhibitions of inventions, congresses, conferences, symposiums and other large-scale promotional activities.

We wish you all to further record great achievements in the noble activity of research, innovation and rationalization, to enjoy wealth and material wealth, to have health and happiness in families, and the fruit of seeking to see it implemented in different areas of economy, bringing you moral satisfaction and well-deserved income for the hard work.



Dr. Lilia Bolocan,

Director General of AGEPI