International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies “Аrchimedes-2012”


The 15th edition of the International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies “Аrhimede-2012”, organized by the Centre for the promotion of the inventive activity and rationalization in the Russian Federation, with the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will take place in the period between March 20 and 23, 2012, in Moscow, “Sokolniki” Exhibition Centre.

The Salon will include a series of events, namely:

  • exhibitions of inventions and innovation technologies;
  • conference on the legal protection of the intellectual activity results;
  • the international university of inventors;
  • presentation of the advanced technologies;
  • the contest „Leading Trademark”.

For the most interesting and promising developments in respect to the industrial application, the Board of experts and the International shall offer the participants in the salon diplomas and awards of the ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, Moscow Government, the Association of Inventors and Rationalisers of the Russian Federation, awards and prizes, including money prizes, from Russian and foreign associations of Russia, inventions salons, partners of the Salon “Archimedes”.

The Great Award – “Golden Archimedes” shall be awarded annually to a group of exhibits. The best authors, patent holders will be awarded with the medals “Laureate of the Salon Archimedes” and orders “For creation” of 1st and 2nd degree.

The submitted works shall compete for the following nominalizations:

  • The best invention of the Salon «Archimedes»
  • The best industrial design of the Salon «Archimedes»
  • The best inventor of Moscow
  • Innovation potential of youth
  • The best invention of scientific and technical creativity of youth of the Salon «Archimedes»
  • The Best invention in the sphere of nanotechnologies
  • The Best invention in robotics
  • The Best invention in interests of the Ministry of Defence of Russia
  • The Best invention in interests of protection and rescue of people
  • The Best development in interests of the space branch
  • The Best invention in interests of housing and communal services
  • The Best invention in the sphere of energy saving

The business program of the Salon shall be prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Rospatent, the Federal Industrial Property Institute, and the Development Fund of the Centre for the elaboration and commercialization of new technologies – the Skolkovo” Fund, in collaboration with the Salon’s administration.

In the 14th edition of the International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies “Archimedes” participated 450 representatives of scientific institutions and industrial enterprises of 42 regions of the Russian Federation and 18 states. Around 1,070 inventions, industrial designs and utility models were exhibited within a space of 5,000 sq.m. According to a survey, the participants in the Salon, concluded contracts and signed agreements on the implementation of intellectual activity results amounting to 2,5 bn rubles.