International Men’s Day – Macho’s Patents: "The Wheel of Life through Patents", Theme of a Unique Exhibition at the ISE Infoinvent-2013


International Men’s Day – Macho’s Patents: "The Wheel of Life through Patents" is the theme of a unique exhibition in the framework of the ISE Infoinvent-2013. The vernisage presents a description of the inventions dedicated to men that have been patented over the years by inventors from different countries.

The senior expert of the Patents and Plant Varieties Department of AGEPI, Tudor Jovmir, a professional in love with the world of inventions, specific information about patents and inventions has selected and exhibited at the exhibition stand over 300 inventions selected on the theme “International Men’s Day – Macho’s Patents: “The Wheel “The Wheel of Life through Patents”.

Speaking of the inventions presented Tudor Jovmir said: “This exhibition is a continuation of another vernisage in 2012 which had the main title “I Kiss Your Hand Woman”. In the current exhibition I tried to present the main aspects of the life of a man dividing them into the following sections: “Childhood Sweet Melody”, “Women in the Life of the Man”, “Householders”, “Pleasant Vices”, “The War” and ending up with “Life after Death”, specified the expert.

Being asked what the purpose of preparing such an unusual vernisage was, Tudor Jovmir said: “I have selected patents both funny and serious in order to also show the unusual side of patents, because often a picture is worth a thousand words”.

At the same time, Tudor Jovmir stated that the patent is not only a technical document but also a socio-cultural act that reflects the socio-political context of the period of creation of the invention.

Participants in the exhibition were impressed of the creativity and inventiveness of man and of very practical inventions protected in this area.