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International Exhibition of Inventions, Research and New Technologies "Brussels Innova-2010"


On 18-20 November 2010, in Brussels (Belgium) will take place the International Exhibition of Inventions, Research and New Technologies "Brussels Innova-2010". The Organizing Committee of the Exhibition "Brussels Innova" offers support and promotion of inventors and innovative companies, establishment of cooperation relations between the generators of ideas and those who will implement them in practice. Exhibition partners are: Chamber of Commerce and Union of Enterprises in Brussels, The Idea Monopoly IVV (Innovative Vereniging Vlaanderen).

"Brussels Innova-2010" will include 4,000 m2 of exhibition space, 30 represented countries, 2000 professional visitors, 500 innovations and worldwide media coverage. The success of the Exhibition is ensured by the large number of exhibitors and visitors, as well as the diversity of their countries of origin. "Innova" meets in Brussels the future engines of economic development of the European continent and beyond, give them the visibility they deserve and the potential contacts in terms of: venture capital, technology partnerships, access to government subsidies and other governmental assistance, legal assistance and protection of intellectual property, dissemination of information, subcontracting on production, etc.

Future innovations, everyday inventions, ingenious mechanisms, original prototypes, training workshops, successful stories .... will put on the "Brussels Innova" show this year as well.

Ambitious delegations from different countries are expected at the exhibition, composed of eminent scientists, representatives of research centers and certain advisory bodies in the field of innovation, innovative companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs who wish to present or to sell their revolutionary products/services, universities, innovational incubators, inventors who intend to promote their ideas and to test their developments in front of a large audience, counsellors, private and public consultants in innovation, patent offices, business unions, editors of technology, science and innovation journals, etc.

The Exhibition is desired to be visited by entrepreneurs seeking new investment opportunities, companies specialized in production/marketing which are looking to outsource their accomplishments in the C/D, potential inventors who need advice in order to materialize their ideas, journalists accompanying the delegations of their countries or who are in search of novelties in the field, people who want to recruit new forces for the science and technology departments, trend-spotters - those who help identify new trends, trends in which the global economy evolves, increasingly faster short, medium and long-term changes in engineering, medicine, environmental technology, etc.

Highlights of Exhibition will be: Contest "Brussels Eureka", chaired by a panel of national and international experts which will assess the best innovations presented at the Exhibition (the award ceremony will take place on November 20) and Contest of young inventors aged between 12-25 years, aimed at encouraging young generations to think of the future. Looking ahead, the winner of this contest will have the opportunity to participate in the "Brussels Eureka". In addition, it is planned a broad suite of conferences and debates that will involve representatives active in the field of business, consultants in the field of innovation, exponents of public and private sectors.

The Republic of Moldova will be represented at the International Exhibition of Inventions, Research and New Technologies "Brussels Innova-2010" by Mr. Aurelian Gulea, corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Moldova, university professor, national coordinator and a member of the International Jury of the given Exhibition. The participation of our inventors in this forum is possible thanks to assistance provided by the Moldovan Government through the Program on participation of the Republic of Moldova in international exhibitions in 2010, approved by Government Decision No.71 of 9 February 2010, and the budget of the Program “Export Promotion for 2010”. In order to promote the achievements of our inventors at the specialized international exhibitions, in this Exhibition AGEPI will present an exhibition stand on the functioning of the national IP system and give some awards to the most prolific exhibitors and participants.