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Information Seminar within the SUMPh “N. Testemitanu”


The Scientific Medical Library of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “N. Testemitanu” jointly with the State Agency on Intellectual Property organized on 4 July this year an information seminar for the researchers, professors and students of the university.

During the seminar, Tudor Jovmir, specialist in the Patent Department, AGEPI, emphasized the protection of intellectual property objects abroad as a way of promoting products and services, encouraging technological transfer and attracting investment to further research. Discussions were also brought up about service inventions and what is the patentable object of the invention, the management of the examination procedure through the dialogue between the examiner and the applicant, etc.

The participants in the seminar were active in debates and discussions on the information presented, being particularly interested in the protection of medicinal preparations, as well as in the practical aspects of preparing the necessary documents for requesting and obtaining patent protection for a new product or process in the field. In the same context, the importance of innovation in society and the need to support young researchers and inventors in the field of medicine were mentioned.

The organization of this seminar fits plenary into the list of events devoted to the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day 2017.