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Important awards obtained by Moldovan inventors at the International Exhibition of Inventions INOVA – 2014, Osijek, Croatia


In the period 6-8 November this year, in the town of Osijek, Croatia, in the Centre “Gradski VRT” was held the International Exhibition of Inventions INOVA – 2014, in the 39th edition, and the Contest for students “Business Plan”. The motto of this year’s event is “Creating Successful Networks”.

The organizers of these events were: Inventors Association of Croatia, Techno Polis Ltd., with the support of the International Association WIIPA (World Invention Intellectual Property Association).

State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) participated in this international exhibition with an imposing stand, on which were exhibited 35 works-patented inventions in various fields of science and technology, presented by inventors of the academic institutions and universities, namely SUM, TUM, SUMP “N. Testemitanu”, Institute of Agricultural Machinery “MECAGRO”, Institute of Crop Production “Porumbeni”, Research Institute “ELIRI”.

Works of Moldovan inventors were appreciated with 28 gold, silver and bronze medals.

Also, the International Jury of the exhibition has appreciated with special awards two of the best cycles of inventions, presented at exhibition by inventors of the Repub.lic of Moldova, namely:

  • The Special Prize of the organizers “For the Best Invention” was awarded to the group of inventors led by Mr. Aurelian Gulea, Univ. Prof., Academician-Coordinator of the Natural and Exact Sciences Division of ASM – for the cycle of works in treating leukemia;
  • The Prize “For the Best Invention Created by Young Authors” was awarded by the State University of Technology “Volga” of Russia, to the group of authors from the Technical University of Moldova led by Mr. Valerian Dorogan, Dr. Hab., Univ. Prof., Pro-Rector - for the works in the field optoelectonics.

The Special Prize of the International Association WIIPA was awarded to Mr. Valeriu Dulgheru, Prof., Dr. Hab., TUM, for innovational achievements obtained throughout his activity in the field of precession planetary transmissions and renewable energy conversion systems.

AGEPI specialists familiarized the inventors of Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Poland, Germany, Russia, Iran, China, Japan, Taiwan, Romania, etc. – participants in the Exhibition “INOVA” in Croatia, with the national intellectual property protection system, distributed information materials in the field and promoted the International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT – 2015”.

Traditionally, in the international exhibitions of inventions, products and new technologies, AGEPI provides some awards to encourage intellectual property innovation and promotion activity. Thus, AGEPI Cup and Diploma were awarded to Inventors’ Association of Croatia, for the promotion of inventions and impeccable organization of the Exhibition “INOVA 2014”. Three of the best inventions presented by inventors from Taiwan, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Croatia were appreciated with the medals of AGEPI.