The First Edition of the International Forum “ANTICOUNTERFEIT – 2012”


From October 22 to 24, 2012, inside the Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo” in Moscow, Russian Federation, will take place the first International Forum “Anticounterfeit – 2012”, dedicated to the protection and defense of IP rights, combating counterfeit, fake and poor products.

Forum theme is “Towards a Civilized Market, No Fakes and Counterfeits”

Organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation, with participation as co-organizer of the NP (Noncommercial Partnership) “Anticounterfeit”, Forum is supported by the Russian Government, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Forum is Igor Shuvalov, Deputy Prime Minister.

During the forum will be examined a wide range of issues concerning the development of a civilized market, main emphasis being placed on developing international cooperation in the field of protection of copyright and related rights on the market of digital media products. Also, special attention will be given to protection of product brands; improvement of the regulatory and legislative practice, judicial and law enforcement procedures; economic, legal and organizational aspects of support for innovation activity; ensuring effective protection of high- tech industries against counterfeiting.

The Forum will host an exhibition of achievements in the field of protection against production and distribution of fake goods, as well as in the field of quality control means, counterfeit and fake goods, advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies, etc.

As anticipated, the International Forum will be organized each year, constituting one of the most important professional platforms for dialogue on international trade. At the Forum are invited specialists from various fields - representatives of international organizations, ministries and departments, judicial system, etc., customs officials, national and international experts in the field of protection of intellectual property and state control over product quality.

The Forum Program also includes an evening concert entitled “Stars Combat Piracy”, an event that will bring together about 6,500 listeners.

In the Forum are invited all interested institutions, enterprises and organizations, as well as experts, members of creative unions and public associations.

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