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A Farewell Tribute to Maestro Mihai Volontir


We received with deep grief and profound regret the news of the disappearance among us of the great actor and Man of fortress, Mihai Volontir. Together with the entire Nation, we deplore this irreplaceable loss of a star of first magnitude of the national culture.

Endowed from Heaven with exceptional artistic qualities - an actor’s vigorous talent, agreeable voice, musicality–, Mihai Volontir linked his destiny to the National Theatre “Vasile Alecsandri” from Balti, where he played, for along about six decades, dozens of remarkable roles. He also manifested himself as a leading figure of the national film, unforgettable being the role of Ivan Turbinca in the movie “Looking for a Guard” and that of ruler Dimitrie Cantemir in the homonymous movie shot at the Studio “Moldova-Film”.

Mihai Volontir’s creations were highly appreciated both in the country and abroad, celebrity being especially brought to him by the romantic role of a wise and justice loving gypsy, Budulai, in the TV series “The Gipsy”. The master was awarded the most prestigious awards, among which the National Award of MSSR, State Award of the USSR, Vasiliev Brothers Award, title of People”s Artist. Academy of Sciences of Moldova nominated him as the best actor of the twentieth century in Moldovan cinematography.

The great artist was a passionate fighter for the national cause, being part of the first Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in 1990-1994. Signatory of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova, the actor is awarded the highest distinction of our state, “Order of the Republic”.

Mihai Volontir’s talent took our fame all over the world, promoted our cultural values everywhere, creating a favorable image of our country. For outstanding achievements and substantial contribution to the development of culture and theatrical art nationally and internationally, World Intellectual Property Organization invested the actor Mihai Volontir with the Gold Medal “For Creativity”.

Employees of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), which were and remain among admirers of imperishable creation of the Master, pay today the entire tribute to that who was and will always remain in our hearts as an incarnation of artistic grace, beauty, dignity of this Nation.