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European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation “EUROINVENT-2012”, Fourth Edition, Designated Its Winners


Romanian Inventors Forum in partnership with universities fr om Iasi and “EUROPE DIRECT Iasi” have organized from 10 to 12 May 2012 the European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation “EUROINVENT-2012”, fourth edition, held in the Hall of Lost Steps, University “Al. I. Cuza” of Iasi. The event addressed to inventors, researchers, students and doctoral candidates from universities with research profile.

The event was attended by representatives of inventors’ associations and independent researchers from Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Egypt, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, and Russian Federation. At the exhibition were exhibited inventions, technologies, innovative research and projects developed over the last five years, of the inventors that support creativity.
During the event was held a workshop entitled “Romanian Creativity in European Context” (with sections: Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Current Geopolitical Context, Romanian Scientific and Technical Creativity - Past, Present and Future, Valuing Cultural and Technical-Scientific Heritage) and the National Technical-Scientific Book Fair wh ere have been awarded books published in the last two years and publishers which have printed representative works for Romanian research. Also, it was held the Exhibition of Paintings “Visual Art”, organized in collaboration with the University of Arts “G. Enescu” from Iasi and the Iasi Plastic Artists Union.

At the Exhibition “EUROINVENT-2012” were presented about 225 inventions, of which - 62 by inventors from the Republic of Moldova, in different areas: energy, agriculture, medicine, construction, aviation, chemistry, information technologies and others. Moldova was presented by scientific and academic institutions: Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology, Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Institute of Zoology of the ASM, National Center for Public Health, State University of Moldova, Technical University of Moldova, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “N. Testemitanu”, etc.

The International Jury appreciated the works of inventors with 90 gold medals, 60 - silver and 30 - bronze, of which Moldovan inventors obtained 27 gold medals, 18 - silver and 8 - bronze.

State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova participated in the Exhibition “EUROINVENT” with a promotional stand. Also, AGEPI awarded three medals to authors: Wafaa Mohamed Haggag, Abd Kreem Fareed from the National Research Center in Dokka, Egypt, for the invention “Control of powdery mildew”; to the group of authors Cernomazu Dorel, Mandic Leon, Graur Adrian from the University “Stefan cel Mare” of Suceava, for the work “Solar thermobimetallic drives” and to Anton Bačić from the Central School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Croatia, for “Electromagnetic Elevator (Conveyor)”. AGEPI Cup was given to Univ. Prof., Dr. Ion Sandu, President of the Romanian Inventors’ Forum, for the cycle of inventions presented at the Exhibition “EUROINVENT-2012” and for the excellent holding of the exhibition.