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Entrepreneurship Spirit Awarded within the Framework of the Creative Business Cup 2015


On Saturday, June 27, was held the first Creative Entrepreneurship Gala in the republic, in which took place the finals of international competitions: Creative Business Cup (CBC) and Progressive Agro-Business Contest (PAC). The event was organized by the Global Entrepreneurship Network in Moldova (GEN Moldova).

State Agency on Intellectual Property is the second year running partner of GEN Moldova in the organization of the contest Creative Business Cup (CBC), in order to support innovative ideas in business environment. AGEPI representatives, together with other partners of the contest, participated in judging business projects presented in these two competitions, and disseminated information materials on the role of intellectual property for the development of a successful business. CBC and PAC contests aim at identifying creative business ideas in Moldova, promoting them internationally (CBC) and encouraging a healthy lifestyle by using new technologies (PAC). PAC and CBC winners will represent Moldova at the international finals in Greece and respectively Denmark in the Global Entrepreneurship Week - GEW 2015.

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