AGEPI in a Visit to the Directorate General of Education, Youth and Sport


In late January this year, in the premises of the Directorate General of Education, Youth and Sport port of the Chisinau Municipal Council (DGEYS) was held the first meeting of 2015 of the managers of pre-university education institutions, event also attended by Mr. Ion Tiganas, Deputy Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property.

In his address to the participants in the meeting, Mr. Tiganas wished to thank the managers of pre-university education institutions of the Chisinau mun. (lyceums, secondary schools) for supporting the development during the 2014 of the younger generation, especially ninth-twelfth-grade pupils, awareness campaign on the risks, negative consequences and effects of counterfeiting, piracy and plagiarism on economic, social and cultural development of the country. For 4 months in the campaign were informed over 6400 pupils from 68 educational institutions, were completed around 5800 questionnaires, which showed that pupils realize the seriousness of these illegal actions and are willing to participate in their removal from society.

Further, Mr. Deputy Director General asked for the support of lyceum and school directors in propagating the respect to the protection of intellectual property objects in institutions run by them not only among pupils, but also among the entire teaching staff. Also, Mr. Tiganas further mentioned that AGEPI together with DGEYS started a process of changing the school curriculum in the subject “Civic Education”, by introducing a section on the protection of intellectual property.

Finally, Mr. Tiganas assured the audience that AGEPI will support any project relating to the creation and innovation of pupils in educational institutions (technical creation centers, innovation centers, etc.).

Participants in the meeting have been distributed promotional materials about intellectual property, anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy, developed by the specialists of AGEPI.