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AGEPI is in the Process of Drafting a Series of Regulations on Copyright and Related Rights


In order to carry out the provisions of Law no. 139 of 02.07.2010 on Copyright and Related Rights, which entered into force on 1 January 2011, AGEPI is in the process of drafting the normative acts subordinated to the above-mentioned law, namely: the Regulations on Registration of Objects Protected by Copyright and Related Rights, Regulations on Mediation Commission and the Regulations on Collective Administration of Economic and Related Rights. Also, the rates of remuneration of authors and right holders are to be revised, being currently applicable the minimum rates approved by Government Decision no. 641 from 12.07.2001.

In this context, during the months of February-April AGEPI organizes a series of sessions focused on public consultations in connection with the entry into force of Law no. 139 of 02.07.2010 on Copyright and Related Rights and development of regulations implementing the new legislation in the field, with the participation of representatives of public authorities (MITC, ME, SV, MIA, CCA, PGO), associations of collective administration of copyright and related rights (AsDAC, ANCO, UPFVM, ITCA, ACA, APOLLO, APRRM, AmCham) and the private sector (television channels, radio stations, cable operators, commercial centers, other right holders).

The participants held discussions on the following topics:

  • infringement of copyright and related rights through computer networks (based on art. 66 of Law no. 139 of 02.07.2010);
  • fixation of rates for public communication for environmental purpose;
  • procedure for fixation and payment of compensatory remuneration;
  • fixation of rates for exploitation of creations retransmitted by cable;
  • fixation of rates for exploitation of creations by the broadcasters;
  • measures of respect for copyright and related rights to broadcasters;
  • television piracy, etc.

AGEPI encourages all interested persons to participate in discussions and present observations and recommendations with respect to drafts subject to public consultation by mail to the address: 24 / 1, Andrei Doga str., MD-2024, Chisinau, Moldova.