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Advertisement to the Collective Management Organizations of the Republic of Moldova!


Proceeding from the provisions of AGEPI Decision No. 3/1566 of 20/09/2013 (Official Gazette no.216-220 of 04/10/2013), for the management of rights falling under the incidence of extended and compulsory license of right holders, who are not members of any collective management organization (CMO) of the republic of Moldova and who neither have otherwise entrusted them the management of their rights, have been approved the CMOs under par. 2, so that the period of management of rights may be one year for each organization.

To ensure the administration of those rights, beginning with 01/01/2016, AGEPI initiates the procedure for appointing the organization which is supposed to manage the category of rights under par. 2-3 of the Decision No. 3/1566. The Commission for approval of CMOs of the AGEPI is supposed to meet to decide which of the organizations has capacity for management of said rights.

In order to ensure the principles of decisional transparency, the organizations have the possibility that up to 14 December 2015 to submit any additional information that should prove compliance to the criteria to be considered by the commission: management capacity, mechanisms of accumulation, distribution and payment of remuneration, representativeness and transparency.

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