“Moldovan Business Gala” 2021: Approximately 130 Enterprises Were Awarded


Of the approximately 150 enterprises registered in the contests “Trademark of the Year 2020” and “Quality Achievement Award”, 126 were awarded in the most important local business event – “Moldovan Business Gala”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova (CCI of RM), in partnership with the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI).

Compared to previous editions, taking into account the pandemic situation, which still remains a risk, this year the event was attended by a limited number of invitees, including: President of the Republic of Moldova, Prime Minister of RM, representatives of the diplomatic corps, development partners, members of the organizing committees of the two contests, as well as economic agents from all fields of activity, etc.

During the inauguration ceremony of the “Moldovan Business Gala”, Sergiu Harea, President of the CCI of the Republic of Moldova, sincerely thanked partners and participants, who despite the socio-economic crisis created by the pandemic around the world, managed to join forces to organize an event that highlights the most competitive enterprises from our country.

“The awards offered in this edition confirm the courage, perseverance and desire of companies to assert themselves nationally and to shape their successes in the field of trademark promotion and quality management. All the winners present today are a clear proof of the fact that every company and brand needs promotion and that all the actions they take are not in vain, but directly contribute to the development of the local business environment”, said Sergiu Harea.

In his welcoming speech to the participants and laureates, Viorel Iustin, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property, mentioned that: “We are glad that economic agents are showing a growing interest in the “Trademark of the Year”, which has become over time a real platform for promoting and recognizing the most successful brands on the domestic market. In this context, we ensure both participants in the contest and all representatives of the business environment, of the full support of AGEPI in the registration and intellectual property protection process both at home and abroad.”

At the same time, during the event “Moldovan Business Gala”, the Interim Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Aureliu Ciocoi delivered a message of gratitude and appreciation to entrepreneurs and representatives of the business environment.

“The year 2020 was a difficult one. The pandemic has greatly affected the national economy. Even so, most of you have managed to keep your jobs, to continue the activity in difficult conditions, to maintain with the financial effort the budgetary sustainability of the Republic of Moldova. Only thanks to you, the state of the Republic of Moldova is able to honor its financial obligations towards the citizens, the fields of medicine, education and towards other sectors very important for the country”, said the Interim Prime Minister.

Already in its 7th edition, the contest “Quality Achievement Award” has become a national one, the aim of which is to contribute to the awareness of the need to implement international quality management standards in national companies and to promote the most qualitative products among consumers.

Thus, at the current edition, out of the 35 companies registered in the contest, 26 received the title of Laureates, appreciated with the Goddess of Quality; 6 Diplomats, appreciated with a Diploma.

The contest “Trademark of the Year” is one of the most effective tools to increase the competitiveness and increase the capacity of domestic enterprises in creating and promoting trademarks on the domestic and foreign markets by qualitatively evaluating them by a professional jury, including on the basis of consumer opinion.

At the 18th edition, out of 100 trademarks registered in the contest, 94 were awarded as the most successful in various nominations, such as: Debut of the Year; Family Business; Online Business; Export; Woman in Business; Favorite SME of the Year; Inter; Leader of the Year; Rebranding; Socially Responsible Trademark; Important Contribution to Sustainable (Durable) Development, Consumer Appreciation, Reputation and Trust, etc.

We thank the participants for their trust, the media partners for promoting the event and, of course, the National Anticorruption Center and UNDP Moldova (project “Fighting Corruption by Strengthening Integrity in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway) with the support of which for the second consecutive year we award companies for “Implementing integrity standards in the private sector”, and also USAID partner, Structural Reform Program, with which for several years we cooperate on various dimensions related to trade facilitation and publication of the official catalog Trademark of the Year and the Quality Achievement Award.

To watch the “Moldovan Business Gala 2021” access the link: https://rlive.md/gala-businessului-moldovenesc-2021/