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“Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day” celebrated in Chisinau


Annually, on the last Saturday of June in the Republic of Moldova is marked the “Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day”, day which celebrates the inventive spirit, hard work in the field of science and innovation, as well as technical creativity.

On this occasion, on June 26 this year was held a festive meeting, organized by the Union of Inventors and Rationalizers of Moldova “Innovator”. The host of the event was the National Confederation of Trade Unions (NCTU). The festive meeting was moderated by Mr. Nicanor Solcan, president of the UIR “Innovator”.

The solemn meeting was attended by researchers, inventors and rationalizers from academic institutions and universities, and enterprises from the Republic of Moldova. Among the special guests, participants in the festive meeting, who addressed congratulatory messages to the community of inventors and rationalizers in the republic we should mention the presence of: academician Valeriu Canter, president of the National Council for Attestation and Accreditation of the Republic of Moldova, academician Ion Tighineanu, Prime Vice President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Dr. of Law, Ion Tiganas, Deputy Director General of AGEPI, Mr. Oleg Budza, president of NCTU, etc.

Traditionally, AGEPI carries out various activities to sensitize researchers and inventors in the republic on the need for protection of scientific and innovation achievements, information sources in the field of intellectual property and other aspects on the enforcement of rights in the protected intellectual property objects (seminars, round tables, contests), as well as actions to support and promote the inventors and their achievements at the international exhibitions outside the country. In the solemn meeting, the most active inventors and rationalizers of the year, laureates of the current edition of the contests “Most Active Rationalizer” and “Youngest Rationalizer”, organized by the UIR “Innovator”, jointly with AGEPI and National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova were rewarded with diplomas and prizes granted by the organizers.

Activities, dedicated to the Inventor’s and Rationalizer’s Day-2015, were mediated on the national Radio, in the broadcast “Eureka”.