There were awarded the winners of the National Contest “Best Innovative Pupil”, eighth edition


Saturday, May 23, 2015, within the premises of the Central Scientific Library “A. Lupan” of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, was held the ceremony for the nomination of the most creative and ingenious pupils, winners of the National Contest “Best Innovative Pupil”, who gathered together in the eighth edition.

Contest organizers are Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM), Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer (AITT), Ministry of Education, State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) and ASM University. In the premiere, as co-organizer of the contest took part the Lyceum of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

The contest winners designation ceremony was attended by the management of ASM, AGEPI, AITT, chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sports and Mass Media, rector of ASM, representatives of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, directors of research institutions, experts from AGEPI, professors, parents and pupils from lyceums registered for the contest.

The current edition of the Contest “Best Innovative Pupil” was attended by 105 contestants from 40 educational institutions of the Republic of Moldova, who presented 120 works.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Roman Chirca, Director General of AITT noted that the current edition of the contest is “an unprecedented edition”, because for the first time in the contest were presented a number of exhibits, were instituted several new awards but also organized various entertaining activities for pupils.

President of the ASM, Acad. Gh.Duca welcomed the active presence and interest of young people towards innovation, which is manifested by the record number of works registered in the contest. “We organize this contest for you to grow fond of knowledge, to do something new, good and necessary so that the things in the country may go well, because only knowledge can help us to develop our country, as are developed all sized European countries like the Republic of Moldova”, said academician Gh. Duca.

“Young inventors are the golden most important heritage of the country, children and youth are its future”, said in his address to the pupils, parents and professors, the cor. member Vladimir Hotineanu, chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Culture, Education, Research, Youth, Sports and Mass Media. “Only through contest and competition you will reach the most important values ​​in research, science, education, engineering and other fields that you will embrace”, said Mr. Hotineanu, encouraging pupils to learn to manage their talent, which they have by nature and from parents.

AGEPI Director General Dr. Lilia Bolocan, expressed her satisfaction for the fact that the “creative idea of eight years ago is successfully realized because the ingenious young people were let attracted by this noble challenge of doing something new, good and useful for everyone”. Mrs. Bolocan encouraged pupils who have control over creativity, an extremely difficult thing, to pursue their interests, assuring them that no matter how serious or extravagant they will enjoy full support. “It would be very good for the future that a center for attraction be constituted of this contest in the capital, for exposure of pupils’ creativity and innovation, that could be visited by children, families, not only as entertainment, but also with scientific approach and competitive attitude”, suggested Mrs. Bolocan.

Pupils participating in the contest were greeted by the rector of ASM, Acad. Maria Duca, Mrs. Angela Prisacari, representative of the Ministry of Education and Mrs. Svetlana Scarlat, representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, who congratulated the pupils for creativity, ingenuity, because they grew fond of innovations and encouraged them to participate in other editions, even if they do not win the contest, they will gain experience and new friends.

After examining and evaluating the exhibited works at the exhibition stands, the Jury of the contest, which gathered together representatives of the organizers, academics, directors of research institutions and experts in intellectual property, has established the following winners of the eighth edition of the contest for the most original and creative works:

First place - 1 prize - a PC tablet, which was presented to the pupil Serghei Adamov, Theoretical Lyceum “Gheorghe Asachi” from Ungheni, for the work “Transformation of plastics into liquid oil”;

Second place - 2 awards - a mobile phone each, from which benefited the pupils: Elena Rusu, Theoretical Lyceum “Vasile Alecsandri” from Ungheni, for the work “Clorophyll Plus” and Victor Lozovanu, Theoretical Lyceum “Petru Zadnipru” from Chisinau, for the work “Apparatus for cotton candy”;

Third place - 3 prizes – an Ebook each, and winners of these prizes were the pupils: Valentin Suruceanu, Theoretical Lyceum “Ginta Latina” from Chisinau, for the work “Method of calculating the number of diagonals of a polygon”; Stefan Curtev, Theoretical Lyceum “Dimitrie Cantemir” from Chisinau, for the work “Spirulina Geilt”; Timur Mitioglo, Theoretical Lyceum “Mihai Eminescu” from ATU Gagauzia, for the work “Shelf for acrobatic books”.

For the first time, in the current edition was instituted the Prize for Popularity - an MP3 player, which was given to pupils Alexandru Sarbu and Alexandru Ciuvaga from Soroca.

AITT rewarded with special prizes eight of the most creative exhibits, giving the winners an MP3 player each.

As traditional partner of the contest and in order to support and stimulate the creativity of young inventors, AGEPI rewarded with diplomas and monetary prizes two of the most applicable and useful innovations submitted to the contest. Thus, AGEPI Cup accompanied by the diploma of mention and a monetary prize were presented to pupil Ion Cerempei, Theoretical Lyceum “George Calinescu” from Chisinau for the work “Cryogenic Gas Turbine Plant”. Pupil Sergiu Garaba from the Chisinau College of Microelectronics and Computer Technology, received the diploma of mention of AGEPI and a monetary prize for the work “Active optical system for sun tracking in the sky”.

The winners of the contest also benefited from various awards, gifts and diplomas from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Ministry of Youth and Sports, University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, research institutions.

All pupils participating in the Contest received diplomas of participation, gifts and honourable mention prizes, granted by AGEPI.

Organizers of the contest mentioned with diplomas and special awards for creativity, originality and innovative capacity the most active participants in the innovative process of the educational system, most active districts and most active schools/lyceums.

Thus, the most active district was declared the Ialoveni district, in particular Gymnasium “Grigore Vieru”; most active by the number of proposed exhibits – Theoretical Lyceum “Vasile Alecsandri”, Ungheni and lyceum with the most exhibits of creativity - Lyceum “Stefan cel Mare” from Taraclia.

The national contest “Best Innovative Pupil” aims at supporting and stimulating inventive and creative ideas of pupils and is open to all pupils of schools and lyceums from the Republic of Moldova.

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