Seminar on Intellectual Property at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


A training seminar for the teaching staff entitled “Protection of Intellectual Creations” was held on September 19, 2017, at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM). The event took place in the context of conduct of the International Scientific Conference “Competitiveness and Innovation in the Knowledge Economy”, organized by AESM in the period 22-23 September 2017, and aimed at familiarizing teachers with the national system of protection, use and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

In the opening, Dr. Corneliu Gutu, Associate Researcher, Chair of AESM Scientific Council, Director of the Institute for European Research and European Studies (IERES), outlined the importance of knowing the IP system, registering intellectual property objects and the economic impact that this fact has for future specialists.

Later, Andrei Popa, AGEPI Deputy Director General, talked about the importance of creativity and innovation as essential incentives for personal, social and economic development. “The ability to develop new ideas and transform them into innovative products and services is essential for the development of a sustainable economy,” said Andrei Popa, and “in order to use creativity, specialists are needed who know the tools necessary to ensure the protection of intellectual goods”.

Further, according to the agenda of the seminar, Andrei Moisei, coordinating specialist, AGEPI Training Division, made an overview of intellectual property, its role, essence, its components and principles, intellectual property objects were described and exemplified together with the related legislation.

In the discussions, the public was interested in the field of copyright, in particular the protection of computer programs, as well as combating and preventing plagiarism in the academic environment.

The participants in the Seminar received a set of promotional materials on intellectual property.

We should note that in 2011, AGEPI and AESM have concluded a Cooperation Agreement that provides for the training and improvement of the staff with economic profile in the field of intellectual property.