A New Action through which Intellectual Property will help increase Citizens’ Access to Medicines


On 10 September this year, the Interim Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI), Andrei POPA, and the Director General of the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (AMDM), Zinaida BEZVERHNI, signed a cooperation agreement in the field of intellectual property (PI).

The signing of the Agreement between AGEPI and AMDM was conditioned by the need to highlight the importance and fundamental role of IP in providing an effective intellectual property system for the whole society. Respectively, one of the basic objectives of the cooperation between the institutions is the evaluation of the national normative framework in the field of patents in correlation with the one in the field of medicines, pharmaceutical activity and medical devices. Therefore, the parties have agreed to take all due diligence to develop a legal and efficient mechanism, meant to ensure the respect of society’s interests in the field of health, which will aim to increase citizens’ access to medicines and, last but not least, to take legal actions that will result in a reduction in the price of medicines.

At the same time, the parties agreed to strengthen their efforts to highlight the advantages offered by the registration of intellectual property rights, organizing joint actions, based on the competences held, as well as facilitating access to information of mutual interest.

We should mention that the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency is an administrative authority subordinated to the Government, empowered with regulatory and supervisory powers in the field of medicines, pharmaceutical activity and medical devices.

More details can be found on the official website www.amed.md.