Leaders of the National Council for Accreditation and Certification with a documentation visit to AGEPI


At the invitation of the leadership of the State Agency on Intellectual Property at the beginning of this year, a delegation of the National Council for Certification and Accreditation (CNAA), in which was part Acad. Valeriu Canter, president of the CNAA, Academician, Simon Thomas, vice president of the CNAA, leader of the committees of organizations in the sphere of science and innovation, Ghenadie Gladchi, Dr. hab. , Scientific secretary of the CNAA, and Vitalie Minciuna, Dr. hab. , Head of the General Directorate of Evaluation and Accreditation of CNAA, has undertaken a documentation visit to AGEPI in order to determine priority directions of cooperation between the two institutions.

From AGEPI the meeting was attended by Dr. Dorian Chirosca, director general AGEPI, Dr. Svetlana Munteanu, adviser to the director general, Tudor Jovmir, director department inventions, plant varieties and utility models, Dr. Maria Rojnevschi, promotion and publishing department director, Ana Zavalistii, chief section “Intellectus” and media, and members of the editorial staff of this publication.

During the meeting, have been reviewed and steps taken by AGEPI and CNAA in the field of protection and use of the intellectual product in Moldova, including intellectual property objects and results of research activity in the fields of science and innovation, science and accreditation of the organizations acting in the field of innovation, training and attestation of scientific and scientific-teaching staff etc.

The Director General AGEPI stressed the need for conjugation efforts in the field of training and improvement of doctoral institutions in the fields of science and innovation in intellectual property and technology transfer, by including the course “Introduction to Intellectual Property” in programs of doctoral studies.

Mr. D. Chirosca said also that AGEPI, with the support of Ministry of Education and Youth, take steps to introduce a course on intellectual property in university curricula. Currently AGEPI established cooperation relations and signed agreements in the field of training and preparing students, graduate students and teachers in the field of IP, with 5 higher educational institutions of the Republic (Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Moldova, Academy of Transport, Informatics and Communications, State University of Moldova, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “N. Testemitanu”. State University ”A. Russo”, Balti). During the negotiations there were signed collaborative agreements with State Pedagogical University

“I. Creanga“, Technical University of Moldova, Free International University of Moldova, Cooperative-commercial University of Moldova, State University Comrat.

The academician V. Canter supported the initiative of AGEPI, noting that CNAA currently is working on developing the regulatory framework for the creation of doctoral schools in Moldova, like the West ones, and the training in IP field should be a major improvement and training programs in doctoral studies.

A separate issue was the question respecting the copyright in doctoral theses online at the CNAA web site to familiarize the public. Delegations of both institutions appreciated the important problem on exclusion plagiarism in the case of scientific papers, especially the thesis of doctor and doctor habilitat, and have agreed to perform a study on the experience of other countries in this field, both in terms of legal, and technical.

Another area of collaboration is the publishing of the journal of intellectual property “Intellectus”, the co-editor of which since 2004 is CNAA. Representatives of both institutions have highlighted the role of the journal “Intellectus” in familiarizing the public with national and international system of intellectual property protection, organization and development of scientific research, protection and use of intellectual products, training and certification of scientific and scientific-teaching staff. Leaders of both institutions have emphasized the need for compliance of “Intellectus” with requirements of the Regulation on the assessment and classification of scientific journals, amplifying efforts to promote the journal abroad and its integration into the international scientific circuit.

The collateral organization of seminars to familiarize the scientists in the fields of science and innovation institutions with national and international legislation in the field of intellectual property and technology transfer, participation in the organization and development experts CNAA at the organization and carrying out the EIS “Infoinvent” is also current areas of bilateral cooperation.

In order to organize a more effective activity in the mentioned areas of common interest in the frame of meetings there was agreed to update the existing cooperation agreement between AGEPI and CNAA.