Intellectual Property Information Dissemination Campaign Organized by AGEPI


Throughout 2012, AGEPI specialists carry out an extensive information dissemination campaign on the role and importance of intellectual property protection.

In this context, we should mention the organization by the specialists fr om the Inventions, Plant Varieties Department and the Trademarks, Industrial Designs Department of seminars on information of economic agents about the practical aspects of patenting inventions and registration of product and service trademarks, industrial designs at the Institute of Agricultural Engineering (IAE) “MECAGRO” (October 16) and Milk Processing Enterprise “JLC” JSC (November 1). These seminars have had a common main title – “Intellectual Property - Support for Increasing the Competitiveness of Enterprises”.

AGEPI specialists informed the responsible persons of the mentioned enterprises on the importance and economic value of intellectual property rights, as intangible assets for economic development and increase of competitiveness on domestic and foreign markets. Communications were presented with the theme “General Aspects on Protection of Inventions”, “Trademark Role in Promoting the Commercial Success”, and “Design – A Means of Success in Business”.

It should be noted that a series of seminars of this kind were organized in May-June this year at the Ice Cream Factory “Sandriliona” Ltd, Bread-Baking Plant “Franzeluta” JSC, Company “Basavin&Co” JSC, Confectionery Factory “Bucuria” JSC, etc.

In turn, specialists from the Copyright and Related Rights Department, AGEPI, conducted in higher education institutions and creation unions various seminars and lectures on the protection of copyright and related rights in Moldova, legal guarantees for the observance of these rights by registering objects protected by copyright and related rights, the lim its of copyright protection, the risks of violation of these rights, counterfeiting and piracy impact on socio-economic development of our country.

Recently, specialists of this department participated with communications on the mentioned themes at the State University of Moldova (Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences), at the Institute of International Relations, Association of Librarians of Moldova, National Book Chamber, College “MondoStud Art”, State Agrarian University of Moldova, Scientific Institute of Education, Union of Cinematographers of Moldova.

The next period will also be organized a series of meetings of this kind at the institutions, organizations or enterprises interested in the protection of industrial property, copyright and related rights.