Information for everybody - a UNESCO project in the Republic of Moldova


During March 23-27, in Chisinau is arriving with an information visit Mr Evgeny Kuzmin, President of the Russian Committee of UNESCO Program “Information for everybody”, consultant UNESCO. Yevgeny Kuzmin arrived at the invitation of Zinaida Greceanii, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova. From this year, our country will implement a project of modernization and computerization of libraries, being part of the UNESCO Program “Information for everybody”. Currently the program is done in over 50 countries of the world.

During the meeting held at the ASM, there was approached the topic of creating the National Committee of UNESCO Program “Information for everybody” in Moldova, in which will be part representatives of ministries, universities, museums, ASM. In the first two years this work will include studies and activities on the national level in following areas: information with the aim of the development, the training information, protection of the information, information ethics, and access to information.

As was mentioned by the consultants, the program provides for modernization of library facilities with equipment, implementation of some new information technologies in Internet, access to the information, increase resources to complete information fund on paper.

UNESCO consultant has scheduled meetings with members of the Library Association of Moldova, officials of the Ministry of Economy and Trade, Ministry of Finances, representatives of the Presidency, the media.