The General Meeting of WIPO States-Members


The General Meeting of 184 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) States-Members was open on the current September 24 with the election of the president of the meeting - M. Martin. I. Uhomoibhi, the ambassador and permanent representative of Nigeria at the UNO Office in Geneva. The forum lasted up to October 3, 2007.

Mr. M. Martin. I. Uhomoibhi, exprimed his gratitude for the confidence demonstrated with his election and the hope that the cooperation spirit will serve to the common aim to provide for the WIPO progress and realize its programs in the common interest. He also said that the General meeting traditionally offers the occasion to valuate the declared objectives as well to continue and actualize the activity programs. There were also exprimed gratitudes to the aterior president of the General Meetind of the WIPO states-Members M. Enrique Manalo, the ambassador and permanent representative of Phillippines at UNO Geneva Gffice., for the efforts maked for the promotion of the dialogue and consensus. There were also saluted the competent staff administration organized by Kamil Idris, Director General WIPO, mentioning the selflessness and the contribution of WIPO collaborators at the establishment of a balanced and accessible intellectual property system having possibility to recompense the creativity, stimulate the innovation and contribute the economical prosperity of all the countries.

Dr. Kamil Idris, in his turn, attracted attention of the delegates to the document titled “WIPO – the balance of the past ten years”, describing in details the initiatives launched by the organization after 1997 and the future objectives. There were valuated the numerous actions of WIPO directed to the changes and renewal of the IP medium position. The future activity vector stipulates, furstly, the consolidation of the realized progress, as well as establishment of an international accord in the IP field.

Among the actions, planed for the immediate future there are: increasing the responsibility and transparency in order to take more active part by the member-states at the planning and realization of the general policy; stirring up the dialogue and increasing the interaction between the interested parties in the matters of great importance; intensification of the efforts in the field of IP protection activity in order to prevent the counterfeit and piracy; the more closed cooperation with the partners of the WIPO, especially with the international governmental and nongovernmental organizations, with the civil society etc.

In the work of the General Meeting the State Agency on Intellectual property was represented by Dorian Chirosca, the Director General of AGEPI, and Ion Daniliuc, Vice-director General.