Contest for Awarding the WIPO Gold Medal “Outstanding Inventor”


State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) announces the launch of the contest for the selection of candidates for awarding the WIPO Gold Medal “Outstanding Inventor”.

The Gold Medal of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) may require citizens of the Republic of Moldovan, whose inventions (cycles of inventions) are intended for the development of national economy or contribute to the solution of problems related to the current necessities of life, technique, transport, chemical and food industry, light industry and any other fields of public utility.

Examining and assessing the materials submitted to the completion will be made by the Commission for awarding the WIPO Gold Medal “Outstanding Inventor” and WIPO Trophy “Innovative Enterprise”, approved by Government Decision No. 933 of 12 September 2000 as amended.

The Commission accepts candidates at the competition for WIPO Gold Medal under the following conditions:

  • inventor serves as an example for others, especially for young inventors;
  • inventor is the author or coauthor of several inventions or cycles of inventions with a substantial impact on technology or production in a specific area, as well as on the economic and technological development of the country;
  • inventions (cycles of inventions) selected are protected by patents or are the subject-matter of patent applications;
  • inventions (cycles of inventions) are a potential contribution to the production and industrial innovation

Inventors wishing to participate in the Contest will complete and send to the address of the Commission Secretariat, organized by AGEPI, the Participation Form of the Contest and the additional materials:

  • on paper at: 24/1, Andrei Doga str., MD-2024, Chisinau,
  • electronically by e-mail:

The deadline for submission of materials is November 20, 2015.

WIPO Gold Medal “Outstanding Inventor” will be given in the International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT”, which will be held in the period 25-28 November 2015, at IEC “Moldexpo”.

WIPO Gold Medal “Outstanding Inventor” is the most important international award in the field of inventiveness. The high distinction, which is honorific, was established in 1979 as a way to stimulate innovative activity and boost creativity worldwide. WIPO Gold Medal “Outstanding Inventor” may be awarded to the same person, company or organization only once.

Currently in the Republic of Moldova are 31 inventors and researchers who have been rewarded with the highest award of the World Intellectual Property Organization Gold Medal in the period 1996-2013.

The list of renowned personalities from the Republic of Moldova, winners of WIPO Gold Medal, can be accessed at:

For more information you can call 022-40-05-80 or 022-40-05-82 phone numbers.

The Participation Form of the Contest can be found below.

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