Contest “Trademark of the Year 2011” at the Ninth Edition


On February 2, 2012, in the framework of an official ceremony, were awarded winners of the Contest “Trademark of the Year 2011”. Forty one trademarks in various sectors of national economy gained the Grand Prix “Golden Mercury”. About 90 projects competed for the title “Trademark of the Year 2011”.

Awards were presented by the Interim President of the Republic of Moldova Marian Lupu, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gheorghe Cucu, Director General of the State Agency on Intellectual Property Lilia Bolocan.

President of the CCI, Gheorghe Cucu, addressed words of congratulations to all winners and participants. “Two days ago was inaugurated the national exhibition “Made in Moldova”, which, like a barometer, reflects the state of business environment in the Republic of Moldova. We attend the trademark gala and believe that entrepreneurs’ labor deserve to be appreciated at least once a year, including by organizing this competition”.

The Interim President of the Republic of Moldova Marian Lupu, congratulated the winning enterprises. “I appreciate the initiative of CCI, which at the ninth edition come to stimulate new levels and standards in the business environment of the Republic of Moldova. You represent the business environment elite and, implicitly, the country elite. You are those by whom, for the most part, the economy of the country is holding up. When we speak of a trademark, we are not just talking about a brand, though it also requires creativity, work and persistence. I mean, first of all, the content of the mark, which actually represents products and services you offer on the Moldovan market, and in the export operations. And this quality is not only your professionalism and ambition, but also the business card of the Republic of Moldova. It demonstrates the competitiveness of our economy. I wish this project, which will take place many years before, new achievements, as many local products and services made here as possible. Year after year local trademark should come up with a new added value and a new content. Offering a high-quality product/service is as an expression of your social responsibility. Tonight you are appreciated by the customer, citizen and consumer”, said the Interim President of the country.

Contest “Trademark of the Year” was initiated in 2003 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry being organized jointly with the State Agency on Intellectual Property, in order to contribute to the unification of efforts of national producers in the entrepreneurship activity and appreciate the most successful projects in creating and promoting local trademarks on the domestic and foreign market.

Under the Regulation, “Trademark of the Year 2011” was attended by companies and organizations with diverse forms of ownership, legal persons registered in the Republic of Moldova, which produce goods and/or provide services in the country.

Contest “Trademark of the Year 2011” began by conducting a consumer survey in summer 2011, to study public opinion on the most popular product and service trademarks, according to contest nominations. The second public opinion survey was held in January 2012, the survey regarding marks participating in the competition. And in the period from 19 to 25 January 2012, after analyzing the materials presented by participants and the results of consumer opinion survey, members of the organizing committee have determined the winners.

“Trademark of the Year” enjoys interest from stakeholders, evidence being the increasing number of participants compared with the previous editions. During 2003 - 2010 in the contest were presented about 800 projects from 15 districts of the country and Chisinau and Balti municipalities. Organization of “Trademark of the Year” come to reconfirm that the Moldovan economy is an integral part of the global economy, on the market of our country being present both national and international trademarks.

The results of the Contest “Trademark of the Year 2011” were made in the framework of another relevant event - National Exhibition “Made in Moldova 2012”, which was attended by about 300 stakeholders in different branches of national economy. According to statistical data presented by AGEPI, currently there are over 11,000 international trademarks registered in the Republic of Moldova and about 10,000 autochthonous trademarks.