Awarding the laureates of the competitions of AGEPI


The full program of the manifestations of AGEPI dedicated to the World Intellectual Property Day was finished by the grand meeting organized on April 24 in precincts of AGEPI, on which there were invited the representatives of the scientific institutions, high education institutes, representative on industrial property, inventors, businessmen. In the frame of the meeting there were expressed the felicitations of Dorian Chirosca, director general of AGEPI, Ion Tighineanu, vice-president ASM, Nicanor Solcan, president of the Union of the inventors and rationalizers “Inovatorul”.

The ceremony was closed by the announcing the results of some competitions carried out during 2007. Thus, in order to take part in the IV republican competition “The Invention of the year” there were selected 26 inventions and utility models, protected by the patents and certificates on registration valid in the Republic of Moldova and abroad, obtained in the period of January-December 2007. The Organizer Committee has selected the laureates of the competition.

Moreover, the most active representative in industrial property in 2007 Nicolay Glazunov was awarded with a diploma for the considerable contribution in the protection of industrial property objects.

In the frame of the grand festivity there were also announced the winners of the II-d Republican Competition “The public library – the partner in intellectual property promotion”, organized by AGEPI in cooperation with Association of the libraries of Moldova. Among the laureates of the Competition there are: The Librarian Informational Department ULIM, the Municipal library “A. Donici” Orhei, Public Regional library Nisporeni, Specialized Library of the Institute of Scientific Researches in the Field of Protection of mother and child health, Public library „Sergiu Radautanu”, Chiscareni, region Sangerei.

Un other important competition, organized by AGEPI is The VI Republican Competition for the journalists reflecting the matters of the intellectual property, carried out in 2007.The Jury designated the winners.

Presentation of the awards obtained by the inventors of the Republic of Moldova at the International Exhibition of Geneva, International Exhibition “Arhimede” of Moscow and International Exhibition “Pro-Invent” Cluj Napoca constituted another event of the holiday.