April 26 - World Intellectual Property Day


Dear Friends!

On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day-2014,

AGEPI addresses sincere congratulations to all those, whose work is directly or indirectly relating to the creation, protection and exploitation of intellectual property!

Established by WIPO in 2000, this event reflects the cardinal role of intellectual property for both the national economy and the daily lives of every member of society.

Creativity and inventiveness emphasized by the intellectual property system can be the key to prosperity, increase in the standard of living and enrichment of our cultural inheritance. Patents, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications and appellations of origin, literary and artistic works - these and other components of the intellectual property system are powerful tools through which we can promote socio-economic development and move towards progress.

The theme of this year’s celebration is “Movies – A Global Passion”, an art that produces emotions, fascinates and gives hope. Cinema was born at the end of the nineteenth century because it took a long road to reach the level of necessary development of physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, and optics, and only thereafter the cinematographic technique may begin develop. Whether you talk about black-and-white movies, silent movies or the newest 3D – all involve the use of several techniques to attract the viewer to live with the characters participating in the action, a unique adventure, full of emotions. So movies help change people’s mentality, make life richer, more interesting, expanding our horizons intellectually and emotionally.

On this day of celebration I wish all creative people, scientists, inventors, writers, plastic artists, musicians, performers, script-writers, film directors, film-producers, in a word, all those endowed with the grace of creation, and businessmen of the Republic of Moldova, to more efficiently use the possibilities offered by the intellectual property system, to forge new values, to transform their creative resources into economic assets capable of generating material goods and contribute to the building of a better future for all citizens of the country.


Dr. Lilia BOLOCAN, 
Director Genral of AGEPI