AGEPI Visiting Comrat State University


On 9 October, a delegation of the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova (AGEPI), in the composition of Deputy Director General, Ms. Svetlana Munteanu and Head of Economy and Finance Direction, Mr. Iurie Badir, attended the roundtable “Modern Trends of Innovation Processes - New Business Opportunities”, organized by Comrat State University.

The Round Table was opened by the Rector of Comrat University, Zinaida Aricova. The event was attended by the First Deputy Governor of Gagauzia, Mr. Valeri Ianioglo, director of the Institute of Economics, Finance and Statistics, Mr. Alexandru Stratan, Veronica Esanu, representative of the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer, representatives of local authorities, teachers and other interested persons.

The participants in the roundtable discussed the topics focused on the role of innovation entrepreneurship in economic development of our country; trends on support of regional innovation activity and prospects for local businesses in the field of regenerable energy.

Participants showed keen interest towards the communication presented by Mr. Iurie Badir “Current State and Problems of Moldova’s Transition to Innovative Development Vector”, which familiarized the participants in the roundtable with the normative base of the innovation process in our country, support mechanisms of this process, formation of innovative infrastructure, specific character of innovation market, methods of commercial use of innovations and IPO, their evaluation, factors that hamper the innovation process, etc.

Ms. Svetlana Munteanu mentioned the importance of a harmonious combination of traditional production areas at local and regional level and existing innovative technologies in the world. An important role in this process plays the inestimable treasure of information in the field of intellectual property, particularly patents. The system of protection of geographical indications and appellations of origin also offers new opportunities to farmers in the region, presenting important competitive advantages.

At the end of the round table was inaugurated the Innovation Incubator “InnoCentru” created with the Comrat State University, which will be aimed at promoting, implementing and commercializing the results of the innovative and scientific-technical activity, created at the University. On this occasion, AGEPI transmitted two sets of specialized literature for teachers and students of Comrat State University and the Innovation Incubator “InnoCentru”, including the “Collection of Normative Acts in the Field of Intellectual Property”, in 6 volumes.

During its visit to Comrat, AGEPI delegation had a bilateral meeting with the Rector of the University, Mrs. Zinaida Aricova, in which they discussed issues related to staff education and training in the field of intellectual property and other relevant topics in the field.

AGEPI and Comrat State University agreed to establish and further develop relations of bilateral collaboration to increase awareness on intellectual property.