AGEPI provides Public Access to the Database “State Register of Holders of Control Marks”


In order to facilitate access of beneficiaries (applicants, owners, patent attorneys, etc.) to AGEPI services, on 14 March this year the State Agency on Intellectual Property of RM made available to public the electronic database “State Register of Holders of Control Marks”. The database content is accessible at:

This database is an option for advanced search, adapted to new technologies, which contains information on registration of holders of control marks and data on the series and number of control marks issued from 01.01.2012. Thus, users have the possibility to identify the control mark by the alphanumeric code composed of a series of 2 letters and a number of 7 digits. Depending on the material support on which were printed the copies of works or phonograms, there have been established the following series of control marks: YES - for compact discs (CD, DVD) and AA - for audio cassettes (MC).

Control mark is a label as a single model in the shape of a three-dimensional image, with a special level of protection on the outside, carried on a self-destructive and self-adhesive carrier with said alphanumeric code written on it.

All copies of works and phonograms which are produced and/or broadcasted in the Republic of Moldova will be marked with control marks, except for copies of works and phonograms used by natural persons exclusively for personal purposes in accordance with the legislation on copyright and related rights. The person who uses copies of works and phonograms, including by broadcasting, in violation of copyright or related rights or in breach of Law no. 1459/2002 on the Distribution of Copies of Works and Phonograms may be punished under civil, contravention and criminal law.