AGEPI issued the Trademark Registration Certificate No. 30 000


The State Agency on Intellectual Property (AGEPI) issued the Trademark Registration Certificate No. 30 000. The matter is about the trademark , and the group of owners is made up of Tudor Darie, Vasile Galusca, Sergiu Galusca and Dumitru Ciorici.

The certificate for the trademark was handed over at the official celebration dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the State Agency on Intellectual Property, which took place on 8 September at the Palace of the Republic.

We should mention that the trademarks make up the largest part of the industrial property objects for which protection is sought in the Republic of Moldova. During the period 1993 – 2016, over 119 thousand applications were filed with AGEPI, through which trademark protection was sought on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Registration of the trademark is an important step in the activity of any economic agent, as it gives the holder the exclusive right in it. The trademark owner is the only person entitled to use the trademark and is also entitled to prevent third parties from using, in their trade activity, without his consent, a sign identical or similar to his trademark if the third person as a result of use of the sign, without proper reasons, takes advantage of the distinctive character or the reputation of the trademark. The trademark is also a guarantor of the quality of products and services for consumers.